Quality is ingrained into each and every process at Neosys. Our total quality program, seamlessly integrates multiple quality approaches that deliver tangible benefits to our customers. Our Quality Policy is very focused with each team member held responsible for Quality.

Neosys Quality Policy:

The core principles of our Quality Policy are not just to meet the requirements but exceed the customer's agreed expectations.


Quality Assurance:

At Neosys, we leave no stone unturned to guarantee quality and ensure a smooth implementation. We have built in several quality control measures to regulate projects.


Maker-Checker Concept:

All transactions processed by associates are verified and authorized by team leaders based on pre-determined transaction processing criteria.


Internal Control Unit:

An independent internal quality control team is responsible for Quality Assurance.

Quality Audits:

All our processes are assessed through periodic audits by qualified or certified quality professionals.

The procedures for quality audits define the responsibilities, methodology and frequency of audits to be conducted. Audits thus result in process enhancements.


Quality Monitoring Capabilities:

Neosys lays down procedures to ensure a balance between quality and service level metrics in the long term.


At the induction stage itself, the agent undergoes a rigorous training program to reach a desired level of performance in terms of speed and quality standards.


When operations commence, an excessive number of dedicated agents are commissioned to nurture the client transition. This helps to improve the overall process control.


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