Our years of experience have helped us understand how technology can help global businesses meet their needs. Our Service Delivery Model is used to  manage the complete BPO migration and transition management. This proven service platform is designed to ensure process integrity and to minimize inherent migration risks.


As part of this framework we are committed to the Continuous Improvement Model and use the DMAIC Methodology. This framework enables us to meet and exceed our client expectations on an ongoing basis. The key steps as part of the DMAIC methodology are: 

  • Define

  • Measure

  • Analyze

  • Improve

  • Control

Network Topology:

Reliability, scalability and redundancy are the three key factors that have been taken into consideration while planning our network. These points of presence are connected to our client networks.

Risk Management:

Neosys has a multi-site processing strategy, for clients with significant scale and size, to mitigate risk. As such, client processes operate out of several facilities simultaneously with each facility acting as a back up to the other. We will continue to deploy this strategy as we add more facilities over the next three years.


Our ability to mitigate risk for our clients and to ensure the continuity of their business process drives our entire facilities and infrastructure strategy. Modular workspace arrangements have helped us designate specific areas, ensuring total client confidentiality.


Also the centers are equipped with multiple level of power back-up and connected on dedicated fiber links to ensure uninterrupted working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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