We at Neosys have access to the best talent in the country and our rigorous selection process ensures that we hire the best. Further, our management and agents are picked from diverse industry backgrounds helping us master business processes across the industry spectrum.


Our training team ensures that the trainee receives the best information, delivered with the highest training standards.


Experienced in both technology and education methodology, we work closely with your team-before, during, and after implementation-to create a training solution that best meets your specific business requirements. Depending upon your customers need, we have a full range of training courses for end users, managers, and IT professionals.


We recognize that a dedicated and motivated workforce is the key to meeting client expectations. Besides our programs such as induction and on-job training, we have a conducive work environment which ensures that we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.


To ensure this we provide our employees with a challenging and fun filled work environment, while providing a career growth path.


We recognize that the only way forward for an organization in a knowledge business like ours is by continuously upgrading employee skills. The goal  is to make our employees as productive and successful as possible.


Based on the level of complexity, each employee has to complete stipulated training hours and is required to pass very stringent evaluative tests, to achieve certification (developed in conjunction with our clients). Our training program consists of four phases that ensure optimal knowledge transfer:

  1. Induction training - which is a One-day program for all freshers.

  2. Pre-Process Training - Process / Industry driven, usually ranges to two weeks.

  3. ProcessáTrainingá-áCustomerádriven,áusually ranges to four weeks.

  4. On-the-Job Training - Agents work in a controlled environment underásupervision before being allowed on the floor on their own.

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